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Blueberry Muffin Mix

Today I made some Blueberry muffins from a Krusteez box mix. I was excited after looking through all the boxed mixes to finally find one without milk ingredients, and the reason is because it is the Fat Free blueberry muffin mix. And it only calls for water.

They are not incredible muffins, but I think they are tasty and moist.
I sprinkled some rolled oats on the top of several of the muffins just to try it out and they look nice and have just that little bit extra nutrition to them.

Simple Dinner

Here's what we enjoyed for dinner a few nights ago.

Tuna Subs with lettuce and tomato. Multi-grain original Pringles Yummy cherries
The wheat sub/hoogie rolls are from the Fry's bakery and we really like them.

Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

Do you ever like to have breakfast for dinner like we do? 

These pancakes were made with purchased pancake mix, the regular ol' white flour kind (substituting water for milk).  So, I wanted to fancy them up and I added sliced ripe banana and a bunch of cinnamon, mixed well and cooked them on the preheated skillet.  I was pretty excited because this is the first time EVER that all of my pancakes from one batch turned out perfectly browned. None were under or over cooked! Woohoo! And on top of that achievement, they were absolutely delicious with lots of banana bites and cinnamon goodness.