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Let's Talk about Turkeys

Every year, I have a hard time remembering what an awesome price for turkey is around Thanksgiving. I purchased a turkey last year and didn't cook him up until last night. I didn't intend to have him sitting in my freezer all year, but waited too long and then didn't want to have the oven on for 4 hours during summer when my AC was working so hard. So, yesterday it was. And we enjoyed the smell and tastes of Thanksgiving.
Last year, I paid 88 cents/lb for this Butterball turkey. I remember purchasing it at Target and choosing the name brand over the less expensive store brand because of some promo, I think I got a discount on stuffing or gravy or something. I don't quite remember.
Last week Frys had their turkeys for 79 cents/lb. I am curious to be reminded again this year what a good price for turkeys is. And maybe they won't be as cheap as years past, who knows. Most of all, I wanted this to record what prices I have seen so in future years, I can compare and kn…

Linguine Meatball Meal

I make meatballs with lean ground beef, 1 egg, Italian seasonings and a dash of garlic salt (optional: bread crumbs). I cook them in a skillet over Medium heat with a bit of olive oil.  Add the meatballs to the cooked and strained pasta. Add some olive oil or Italian salad dressing, some dried basil, fresh baby spinach leaves and chopped fresh tomatoes. The heat from the pasta and meatballs will slightly wilt the spinach and tomatoes, but not cook them.  Enjoy warm. 

Whole Grain Breaded Catfish - with a Gluten Free Option

I've breaded catfish before and we really enjoy it. I have always cut the fish up in bite-size pieces before breading it, but that tends to be quite time consuming, so this time I breaded the entire filet. The other change I made was using oat and wheat flours along with corn meal, lemon pepper and garlic salt to make the meal more nutritious. It was quick and delicious.

First, in a small bowl, mix about a 1/4 cup of each: oat flour wheat flour (or a gluten free flour) corn meal
Sprinkle in about a tsp of lemon pepper and a dash of garlic salt. Mix well.
Lightly beat 1-2 eggs in another bowl. Dip raw fish filet into egg mixture. Set the egg-coated filet on a large plate. Spoon the breading over the filet and pat. Keep the spoon dry so it can be re-used for the breading.

Place breaded side down into a skillet with about 1 T heated olive oil (Med-High heat) and bread the other side. Flip in about 3-4 minutes and cook on lower temperature until cooked through (firm inside and browned…

Little Snack Mix

I had the munchies and I wanted something slightly healthy but with some flavor. So, I started my rummage through the pantry and added a handful here and a handful there until I had this:

So, the mini marshmallows didn't really assist in the "healthy" part of this snack, but I saw them in the pantry and couldn't resist. My fault for even having them! 
Walnuts Sliced Almonds Shredded Coconut Dried Cranberries And of course, the marshmallows.
Loved it!