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Whole Wheat Rolls ~ SUCCESS!

Perfect 100% White Wheat Bread or Rolls

Add to a large bowl in this order:
3 Cups hot water
1 ½ Tbsp yeast
(Optional 1 tsp white sugar to help activate yeast and allow to sit for a few minutes until mixture is bubbly)
1/3 Cup oil
1/3 Cup honey
7-8 cups whole white wheat flour
1 Tbsp salt
1-2 Tbsp dough enhancer

Mix well, knead on floured surface for 10 minutes, adding flour as needed to obtain a smooth, non-sticky dough. 

Divide into rolls and place on greased glass pans.

Before rising
Cover with damp towel and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size, 45-60 minutes.

Rising in my oven, heated slightly since it's cold in my house.
Risen, before baking
Bake at 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes (rolls) or 25-30 minutes (loaf). 

Here's that secret ingredient, Dough Enhancer. I got this small can for about $2 at the Walmart on Country Club and Baseline (Mesa, AZ) in the Emergency Preparedness section (with the cans of freeze-dried foods). I have not found it at the Greenfield or Stapley Walmarts.

I am so pleased with my new ability to make these amazing and nutrition-filled rolls!


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My husband has a new favorite meal, pollo asado. Luckily for me, I have a favorite store, Sprouts, that sells marinated chicken "pollo asado" style and it is very decently priced. I get enough for the 2 of us (about 1.5 lbs) for about $5 and it is worth it.

Sometimes I like making everything from scratch, and sometimes I don't. This is a great meal for one of those "don't" days.

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Here are my two new recipes for White Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls.
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For the past few weeks I have been getting most of my produce from an organization that buys in bulk to divide between a large number of people within several communities. The name of this organization is Bountiful Baskets. It has been fun because I get a mixture of fruits and veggies, not knowing beforehand what will be in the basket when I pick it up on Saturday morning. This past Saturday, in my basket I found two large bunches of Swiss Chard. I had never seen it before, so I was glad it had a tag on it so I knew what it was. With a few ideas from my sister-in-law, I was able to prepare it as part of dinner. Thanks to bacon and onions, we all liked it.

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- chopped yellow onion (about 1/4 cup or to taste)
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