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Discovery - Why I burn Cupcakes and Muffins!

I have for a long while wondered why I often burn cupcakes and muffins. I've blamed the cupcake liners, my oven, the recipe....It took dozens of wasted treats and today I finally realized what I was doing wrong! 
Last week, I made perfect and delicious banana muffins. No burning. 
Today, I made the exact same muffins in the same muffin tins and 14 minutes into the 25 minute baking time, the smell of smoke entered the family room where I was sitting.

What was the difference? 
Last week when I made them, I baked each muffin tray separately. Today, I put them side by side (a perfect fit on my top oven rack) to save time as I have done in the past (probably every other time that I have burned them!). I'm not sure why I never made the connection before, but now I know that the two side by side do not allow the circulation needed in the oven for proper baking. I'm happy to avoid this scene in the future...

Muffin centers anyone?


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